Wow. So this is a brand new venture for me. I am completely not into social media… the only thing I ever use my husband’s fb account for its looking at cloth diapers (cd)! Lol But as a new mom with a fairly natural (or as I’ve been called… “crunchy”) outlook, I’ve learned that a lot of “modern” moms don’t even know about why those of us who have a more old-school approach choose do so. They are uneducated (not in a disrespectful way) about the “why” behind how women did things a certain way for CENTURIES before modern science changed the playing field (and not always for good). I find myself getting VERY passionate about these things, as are most of the other moms I’ve met who like to follow the “oldie but goodie” ways. So, with the help and encouragement of my techy husband, I’ve decided to start this blog to share my passions (hopefully in a non-confrontational, “out of your face” way) and let you decide what you do and don’t like. And actually, I have a lot of passions and hobbies, so this will probably be a very diverse “old-school-meets-modern-mom” type of blog. I’ll share recipes we like, projects and crafts we are working on, information on mothering/parenting topics such as cloth diapering, nursing, etc. (all those controversial subjects but in a “this is what I’ve learned, feel free to disagree but don’t judge me” way), and of course… coffee! (i.e. God’s gift to man and mom) 😁 I hope you enjoy following our little family as we discover God’s joy in the little things of life. If I get brave enough, I might even post about my little boy. 😉


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