from the heart


Well our friend from college visited this weekend and has now gone home. And let me tell you… there really was nothing for us to be uneasy about. Like all true friends do, we picked up right where we left off…albeit in slightly different roles than when we left off. 

Sure there were a few hiccups (like our energetic dogs deciding to be best friends with her or having to stop all the time so I could nurse the baby), but over all it went really smoothly. 

We went to the Creation Museum and the zoo, and we had a blast! God allowed the weather to be very nice both days (rather unheard of around here lately). The meals all went smoothly. It taught me a lesson: don’t let the fear if awkward silences keep you from being hospitable. 

God calls us to hospitality in His Word (Romans 12:13, 1 Peter 4:9), but unfortunately, in our society, it is a lost art. I think the biggest reason for this (as with any sin) is pride. We,  for whatever reason, think that people will judge us based on the state of our home, how good our cooking is, if our dogs behave perfectly or not (yes, I think that), etc. But if we put ourselves in the shoes of that guest… would we care? 

When have you ever gone to someone’s house and thought “wow, I am so much better at housekeeping than they are…she didn’t even bother dusting the cabinets before we came over…she must not think we are that important,” or “I need to teach her how to cook, this is terrible!”? (If you have had those thoughts, you are probably the one needing a heart adjustment… just saying.) The point is, we never think that, and neither will our guests… so why aren’t we more hospitable? (Though, I probably do need to work on the dogs 😊)


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