sewing and crafts

Fall Throw Pillows 

Fall… is there another season more refreshing, more colorful, more reminiscent of God’s bounty and goodness? I’m sitting in my hammock on the patio with my young son beside me “reading” a book. The air is cool, you can feel the moisture of an impending rain. A soft breeze just wisped by, knocking a few leaves off my neighbors trees. Earlier I heard a gaggle of geese flying over head in their iconic V, making their way south. Since all the children are in school, chirping bugs and breezes rustling through the trees are just about the only sounds I can hear this calm morning…

sewing and crafts

Welcome, Fall! (And fall leaf coasters) 🍁🍂🍃

I am so excited it’s September! I cannot wait for fall to official start (this week! EEK!). For whatever reason, I am looking forward to it with much more anticipation than usual (possibly because it’s still in the mid 80s here)… that or I just forgot how excited I get every year. 😊 I usually…… Continue reading Welcome, Fall! (And fall leaf coasters) 🍁🍂🍃