from the heart

Honor and Obey

I have a friend who is always mentioning how hard her husband works to provide for their family and how grateful she is to have him as her husband. She is so very supportive of his work and even makes homemade goodies for his work team every week. 
I have another friend who’s husband is in the ministry. She always puts her own life on hold and, no matter how tired and in need of a break she feels, will choose to entertain her kids or do something that is needful around the house to make sure her husband has no distractions while he studies.

What do those two scenarios have to do with me? These wonderful ladies both have a strength where I have a weakness. I’m not trying to be “comparing themselves among themselves” as 2 Corinthians warns is not wise, but I believe if we recognize a weakness in our own lives as the result of someone else’s strength shining through, we need to address it. Perhaps it’s because he loves his job and, most days, it isn’t incredibly taxing or stressful on him, or perhaps I just haven’t taken the time to pay attention; but after seeing how well both of these friend support their husbands in their jobs and ministries, I noticed some definite need for improvement in my life. Most days the only interest I show in my husband’s work is a “how was work today?” followed by a half-hearted attention to his response. If he has a bad day, I’ll get worked up about so and so for making his life hard rather than being an encouragement to my hurting husband. But that’s about the extent of my notice in regards to his work and ministries. 

Proverbs 31 tells us that the virtuous woman does her husband “good and not evil all the days of her life.” And, of course, several scriptures tell us that the wife is the honor her husband. Have I been doing this in my response to and support of his work and ministry? He goes to work 5 days a week, plus his ministry at church on Sunday and Thursday nights, to serve God and provide for our family. How have I showed my gratitude and supported him in this? Clearly I need to work on this area of my life. How? By being intentional when I inquire about his day. By making sure he has what he needs available to get off to a great start in the morning (clean clothes, a cup of coffee, etc.) By being more understanding when something comes up that takes his time away from me and Logan (this one I really struggle with, inwardly especially). By letting him know, on a regular basis, how much I love and appreciate the work he does in and out of our home. Yes, he knows I appreciate it,but when is the last time I TOLD him that I appreciate it? 

The other day in my devotions, I studied Proverbs 31:23-“Her husband is known in the gates when he sitteth among the elders of the land.” I didn’t really understand it or how it applies to me today. Maybe this is it! Maybe it means doing those things around the house and in our family that need to be done so my husband can “go to the gates” and serve where God has called him. 

I hope that all made sense to you the way it did to me. Getting across spiritual truths the way the “click” in my head isn’t always easy…brain works in mysterious ways. Lol Please share in the coments a few ways that you show gratitude to your husband or ways you help support him. I’d love to hear your ideas and implement them myself! 


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