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School Is in Session!ย 

I’m so excited fall is almost here. The next few weeks you will probably be seeing a lot of my fall love. In the meantime, something else fall brings with it is school. I love school! Seriously! I really do miss it. I love learning, studying, and competing with myself for the best grade. But I am past that point in my life for now, so I have to enjoy it from afar. However, my little sister recently returned from a year-long internship on the missions field and took a teaching position at a small Christian school in Michigan. So I get to enjoy a little piece of education through helping her when I can. 

When Candace was a student at our church’s missions school, I would help her with her more “crafty” projects (like making a mission board or prayer cards). She doesn’t recognize it in herself, but she is pretty good at crafting too. Anyway, for old-times’ sake, she asked me to help her decorate her new classroom. I do not live in Michigan, so we had to do things via modern technology (over the phone and Skype), which gave it an interesting but fun twist. Since she obviously has a love for missions, she wanted to decorate her classroom in such a way to reflect this love and share with her students about the need for world missions. We started brainstorming and decided to go with a vintage travel look while highlighting the missions field. 

She headed to hobby lobby and purchased some supplies (paper pennants, burlap-you can never have too much burlap, vintage travel scrapbook paper, and paint). When Saturday hit, she was off to the yard sales looking for antique picture frames and vintage decorations. Boy did she score! The lady she is living with has been remodeling her house, and she let Candace have free reign of the scrap wood pile. Cha-ching! So we had our plan and she had her supplies. Time to get to work (or rather, time for her to get to work. I just texted directions and acted as supervisor ๐Ÿ˜œ)! 

She wanted one of those direction signs that you see in cartoons and old movies that point every which direction and tell you how far to those locations. This project she did all by herself. I was so impressed by her… usually she isn’t very crafty on her own, but she tackled this one and it was a TKO! She cut the scrap wood, aged it, painted her words (little-known mission field around the world), and put it together. 

The next project was a framed Bible verse. She found an old picture frame that matches the accent wall in her classroom perfectly. Then she stretched burlap across it and used a Sharpie oil paint marker to write the verse out. 

Another project we planned was framing the continents in an artistic way. This is where the scrapbook paper came in. First she cut silhouettes of each continent out of the travel paper, then she mounted them on solid, dark brown paper and framed them. Simple, chic, and so cute! 

Now it was just a matter of pulling everything together in the classroom. Candace found this awesome table at a yard sale for $10 (just needed cleaned up a bit), an antique suitcase for $4, and this incredible, old dictionary for $.50! And here are the final results!

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