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Fall Throw Pillows 

Fall… is there another season more refreshing, more colorful, more reminiscent of God’s bounty and goodness? I’m sitting in my hammock on the patio with my young son beside me “reading” a book. The air is cool, you can feel the moisture of an impending rain. A soft breeze just wisped by, knocking a few leaves off my neighbors trees. Earlier I heard a gaggle of geese flying over head in their iconic V, making their way south. Since all the children are in school, chirping bugs and breezes rustling through the trees are just about the only sounds I can hear this calm morning. My refrigerator has a bounty of tomatoes from my garden. Over the weekend I loaded up my kitchen table with mini gourds (for 50c a piece! 😊). My fall decor is starting to come together, giving my house a warm, festive feel. It truly is a great season!

Something I’ve been wanting to do for several years now is to get a bunch of throw pillows with removable cases that I can rotate with the seasons. I finally did it! And the best part? I managed to find a bunch of random pillows laying around that I didn’t even realize I had. So I only ended up having to buy one pillow form… which I discovered is the same size as a standard travel pillow…which is much cheaper than a craft store pillow form. Score! 💲

I didn’t want a bunch of matching pillows, because I’m weird like that. Some I knew exactly what I wanted them to look like and how I wanted to make them. Others I had an idea what I wanted but not specifics (like my crochet throw pillow…I knew I wanted one, but didn’t have a set pattern in mind). I also wanted at least one that was not so basic to kind of serve as an interest piece. So, to Pinterest I went in search of diy pillow covers.

I fell in love with these, and they were so cheap and easy! Perfect for my statement pieces. Simple dollar store felt cutouts sewn on a solid pillow cover. (Here is my super easy envelop pillow cover tutorial.) I think I spent less than $4 for both of them! The only problem was deciding which shapes to use… which is when I make my husband choose. 😊 Except now I have this adorable owl and don’t know what to use him for. I’m open to ideas!

I also wanted a plaid pillow cover. I’ve seen some at Joann the past few years that are adorable, and I wanted one for myself. Who knew that flannel was so expensive! Thankfully I didn’t need much, and it was on sale. I think I paid around $7 maybe? Who keeps receipts? LOL

Then of course there was the crochet cover, because what says fall like a cozy sweater? I found this cable, kind of pseudo-knit pattern and decided to use it. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I’m only just teaching myself how to knit and didn’t have the patience to go that route. Maybe for my Christmas replacement cover. Unfortunately yarn is not a cheap as it used to be, so I highly suggest thinking ahead and buying during Black Friday. I always get really great deals on yarn that way… unfortunately I did not think ahead and get orange though. 🤔 We won’t talk about how much this one cost. 😥

Last but not least…my burlap pillow. I got the end of a very large bolt of linen burlap for 80% off when Hancock Fabric went out of business this summer, and I couldn’t wait to use some of it for a pillow cover (or 2 or 3 when Christmas comes)! I wanted it to be simple and bring a natural touch. I used a regular industrial strength Sharpie to write the neatest scripty sort of cursive I could muster. 🙄20160927_092543

I also like having a little something special on the back of the pillows for those times when they get thrown around and aren’t facing out, so I put some buttons with a twine loop fastener on the back to bring in some more “natural” feel.

So there you have it! My beautiful, simple way to bring a ton of fall color into my living room for relatively cheap!

But don’t worry… there’s more in store! Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Handyman Husband project! What could it be? Share your guesses in the comments! Also, how do you decorate for fall? Share your favorite fall decor or craft ideas. I’d love to hear from you! 


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