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Why I Refuse to Decorate for Christmas… (at least not yet)

Speaking of Thanksgiving… Am I the only who still recognizes it as a holiday that takes place before Christmas? We all know that the store are bringing in their Christmas merchandise earlier and earlier every year. But it seems that as a result, people are decorating earlier and earlier too. Not that decorating for Christmas is bad… In fact, I can hardly wait to decorate myself. But once you put up those decorations, fall, harvest, and all things reminiscent of Thanksgiving are gone.

Scripture Saturday

New Series: Scripture Saturday

The other week I attended an online homemaking conference hosted by another blogger (Jami Balmet over at Young Wife’s Guide). It was such an encouragement and just what my homemaking heart needed. I was actually considering sitting it out this year. I didn’t want to spend the money, and the theme (Achieving Balance) didn’t sound…… Continue reading New Series: Scripture Saturday