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Why I Want to Take an Herbalism Course

So I told you about how we had all that sickness go through our house recently. (Really, is been burning through it church and school like a wildfire.) I felt completely helpless. My little guy had a fever from Tuesday to Sunday, his nose was runny, he was stuffed up, he had a cough, his…… Continue reading Why I Want to Take an Herbalism Course

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Motherhood Can Be So… Boring

Recently I was listening to a podcast by Jami Balmet called “When Motherhood is Tough.” It wasn’t really deep or mind blowing at all, just a simple reminder of our awesome responsibility as mothers. You’ve heard me say it before… The never-ending tasks of homemaking can be so tiring at times. It’s easy to feel…… Continue reading Motherhood Can Be So… Boring

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Sweetheart Hot Chocolate

Happy Valentines Day! Just a quick post here this week because you need to be out spending time with your husband today! 😘 No, seriously… Yes, it’s a Hallmark holiday that is basically built up to encourage gift buying, etc. etc. etc. But it’s also the perfect excuse to take some time to be intentional about…… Continue reading Sweetheart Hot Chocolate

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What I Learned from “One of Those Weeks”

Last week was “one of those weeks.” You know, the ones where you wonder if it’s all really worth it. When you ask yourself why you should even bother washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen again when all your hard work will only be undone before the day is out. Yeah. I have those too. In fact, it come down to spilling out all of these thoughts and emotions onto my husband. I told him how my job as a mom and homemaker is HARD. How it never ends. 24/7/365…