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Motherhood Can Be So… Boring

Recently I was listening to a podcast by Jami Balmet called “When Motherhood is Tough.” It wasn’t really deep or mind blowing at all, just a simple reminder of our awesome responsibility as mothers.

You’ve heard me say it before… The never-ending tasks of homemaking can be so tiring at times. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, defeated, bored, tired, ready to scream if you have to wash one more dish today.

Sometimes motherhood can feel the same way. We don’t often talk about these feelings for fear of being “mom shamed” or appearing like a bad mother. But it’s true, nonetheless. Diaper change, food, nap, diaper change, pick up toys, diaper change, food, nap again, diaper change, pick up toys again, diaper change, bed, pick up toys AGAIN! It’s a never ending cycle. One that can be pretty monotonous… Boring.wp-image-896874576jpg.jpg

But somewhere between those diaper changes and toys are those little moments that make it all worth while. Times of training that little child into a respectful, responsible, and (most importantly) God-honoring adult. Times when that baby crawls as fast as he can to catch you and ask to be held because he’s so happy you’re his mom. Times when you watch in awe at how miraculous this little creation is that God has entrusted you with discovers the world around him.IMG_20170323_134442

Sure, motherhood is not always fun in the moment (when you’ve said “no” or had to discipline for the same thing–playing in the dogs’ water bowl–10 times in one day), but it’s making an eternal impact in that little life. It’s tough when they can’t or don’t say “thank you” for all the millions of things you do for them, but they make it abundantly clear how unhappy they are that you didn’t do the one thing they wanted you to do (that they also can’t or don’t say). wp-image-2015708237jpg.jpg

I’ll say it… SOMETIMES LOVE DOESN’T COME EASILY or NATURALLY. Thats why God has to remind us so many times throughout scripture to “love one another.” That’s why in Titus 2 God commands the older women to teach the younger women how to love their children. That’s why God tells us that the greatest commandment and attribute we can show toward God and others is love (Mark 12, John 13, 1 Corinthians 13).

So just a bit of encouragement for you today. Next time you feel overwhelmed (or bored) by the HUGE task of motherhood, ask God to help you love that little child and remember the ultimate goal… As my friend put it: “I don’t want to raise good kids; I want to raise Godly adults.THAT is what all the boring, monotonous chores–and all the moments in between–are all about.


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