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Preparing for Harvest (pt.3)–DIRT!

Well, we finally got dirt in the garden this weekend! You already saw us start our plants and build our beds, but this step in the process required a lot more faith! The whole ordeal was a series of answered prayer requests. Let me share with you how great my God is!

First off… We were originally planning to borrow a friend’s truck to pick up the dirt last weekend, but the day before we had planned to get it, the truck’s brakes went out. 😟 So while waiting for our friend to get the parts in to fix it, we started trying to figure out another way of getting the dirt ASAP so we could plant our early season crops before it’s too late (with this crazy weather, it might be too late already).

On Monday I asked another friend if we could borrow her husband’s truck to get the dirt. Long story short, we never heard back with an answer.

So Wednesday at lunch, Handyman Husband and I were talking about alternate options. I sent up a quick prayer asking God to somehow work it out for us to get our dirt that weekend, then I sent another text to the second friend asking to borrow her husband’s truck. Within minutes she called saying that she had the key at work (my husband’s office is right upstairs from where she works) and we could use it right away if we need to! We didn’t have time that night, but it was also available to us on Saturday. Praise the Lord!

Saturday came, and the forecast said it was supposed to be 79 and sunny with a 20-30% chance of rain late in the day. Perfect! Except when we woke up, it was very chilly, overcast, and threatening to rain any minute. And rain it did. 💦

We decided to work on other things and pray that the rain would clear. By the time our Little Guy was finished with his morning nap, the sun was breaking through! We set out to get the truck, and by the time we got to the garden center to get the dirt, it was warm and sunny out!

While we were moving dirt, I noticed that my peach tree is getting baby peaches! So excited! 🍑😄

Now, according to the calculations I did using an online dirt calculator (on the garden center’s website), we needed about 1.5 yards of dirt. When we got there I had the lady at the desk recalculate for me, just to be sure, and she said that we needed 2.5 yards! Besides costing way more than we expected, she made it very clear that we would need a whole lot more truck AND a trailer to haul it all because it would be super heavy (despite their website saying that the compost we were having mixed in 50/50 was extremely lightweight). So we ordered 1 yard to start and decided to go from there.

Once the truck was loaded with the dirt, Handyman Husband was not happy with how low the truck was riding. Apparently, the dirt was VERY heavy. 😬 (I didn’t take any pictures at the garden center because of the tensions that were rising in our lack-of-faith state. We should have known better than to doubt God!) The entire trip home, I was in very deep conversation with God over the safety of the truck that we had borrowed. The last thing we needed was to break somebody else’s truck! But we made it home in one piece and Mike said that it didn’t seem to struggle at all. He still wanted to get it unloaded as soon as possible, so we set to work… all the time praying that 1 yard would be sufficient, despite what the lady had told us.

It was enough! The dirt is probably about 2″ shallower than I had originally planned (and settling after some more rain), but it is enough for this season.  We did not have to make another trip!

Isn’t God just so awesome! It really does pay to have a relationship with the God of the universe. When you are God’s child, He hears your requests, and like a Father responding to His child, He meets your every need. What an awesome God we serve!


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