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Grilled Pizza, Anyone?

Growing up, my family always had pizza and movie night every Friday. We would make pizza and quickly start a movie before dad could turn it off and declare that “It’s Sci-Fi Friday, we have to watch all 32 versions of Stargate!” Good times! ðŸ˜œ

So when I got married, I carried the tradition with me (minus the Sci-Fi Friday ðŸ˜‰), only we have our pizza night on Tuesdays (when we first got married, we had a church obligation on Fridays, and even though that is no longer the case, we are just used to Tuesdays now).

My husband LOVES pizza… like he would eat it every day if I made it. So this is a tradition that doesn’t often get skipped around our house. If we aren’t home Tuesday, he is quick to suggest another evening. When we meal plan, that is the first thing he says to put on the menu. The man loves his pizza! (And, honestly, I really love homemade pizza too!)

But with summer temperatures upon us, and being so cheap frugal that we only set our AC at 78, turning on the oven isn’t very appealing. I even found a way to bake bread without using the oven! But pizza? Hmmm…

That’s when I remembered grilled pizza. I had never tried it, but I had heard about it before, and my sister and little brother had tried it. So I thought, “Why not?”

OMGoodness! It was AMAZING! Talk about brick oven pizza from home! It was sooo good. Definitely keeping this one around for the summer! (My husband only requests that I not cook the crust so much… give me a break! It was my first try! lol)

So here’s how it went down:

  1. Make the dough. (Maybe one of these days I’ll do a post with my pizza dough recipes. I have one for the bread machine that I have been using since I was a kid, and I have a sourdough recipe that’s super soft and delicious!)
  2. Spread it out on the back of a sheet pan. I split my dough into 2 smaller pizzas for easier handling and so they would fit on the pan.
  3. Get your grill good and hot (I read somewhere that you should get it to 600 degrees before putting it on, but I would suggest turning down the heat once you do so it doesn’t burn). While the grill is heating up, get ALL of your toppings ready and easy to transport. You will be putting them on while the dough is on the grill, so you need to have them ready to bring outside and use fairly quickly (or you might lose all the hair on your hands and arms).
  4. Once the grill is hot, put those crusts on the grates over direct heat. You can close the lid, but stay close by and periodically check the under side of the crust for doneness (probably 3-5 minutes). You want grill marks, but you don’t want it burned. When it’s ready, flip it over! (I used tongs and a spatula so I didn’t break them).
  5. Top with sauce and whatever other toppings you so desire, but don’t put them on too heavy or they won’t get cooked through before your crust burns. I like to sauté my veggies before putting them on the pizza so they are already cooked through and speed the cooking time of the pizza.
  6. Once the cheese is melty and the under side of the crust is done, take those puppies off the grill, cut, slice, and ENJOY! The cheese won’t get that nice, golden crust and all that (the way I like it) because of the way a grill cooks, but it’s actually still really good this way (I was surprised!)!

Personally, I think it cooked a lot faster, and I really loved the crisp texture of the crust and the slightly charred, smoky flavor that it had. You just can’t get that in an oven. And I really loved that I didn’t have to heat up my house! My husband, I think, still prefers it old school, but he did enjoy this as well. As I mentioned above, he just requests that I don’t cook his crust as long next time. ðŸ˜‹

So, what do you think? Are you going to give it a try? Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comments!


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