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DIY Orange Julius

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Have you ever bought orange juice, but weren’t able to finish it in time and ended up throwing it away? Don’t you feel so wasteful! I sure do.

After the Mother’s Day breakfast at our church, there were several leftover jugs of orange juice that they were giving away as fast as they could… And I ended up with 2 of them. Since I’m the only person in the house who drinks orange juice, I couldn’t possibly chug it all before the recommended 10-day use-by date. So I got creative.

I decided to freeze it in my silicone mold (I didn’t have an ice cube tray) until I could find a use for it or thaw out a few cubes when I got a hankering for OJ.

Well a few weeks ago it was exceptionally hot out for our area… Especially for June. And on the hottest day of the week, I got to wanting something cold to end the day with. Enter frozen OJ cubes!

Growing up, my mom used to make orange juliuses from time to time. I loved them! Smooth, creamy, orangesicle goodness! She used to make them with orange juice concentrate, a ton of powdered sugar, and I don’t know what else.

Well obviously, I didn’t actually have concentrate. So I just had to make it up as I went, and BOY did they turn out good! Creamy, slightly sweet still a little bit of tang, and cold… Just what I was looking for. And it couldn’t have been easier to make.

They were so good that I had to make them again and share it with you! So I got some more orange juice and ice cube trays, and I’m ready to share… There recipe that is, not my drink… Don’t you touch my drink!πŸ˜‹ (Warning… I’m a dump-and-see kind of cook, so I don’t really have precise measurements.)

The whole thing starts with my smoothie maker. This smoothie maker is AWESOME. And cheap! And convenient to make and take. In short… You need one. I got mine at Aldi a few years ago (I’ve seen them again lately), but you can get a similar oneΒ here too. (affiliate link) But I suppose you could just use a blender in the meantime. πŸ˜‰

Using my awesome smoothie maker, I added several OJ cubes (almost to the top, leaving room for the blades), a few shakes of vanilla extract, and some milk (maybe 1/2 cup?), and a squirt of agave nectar (you could also use honey, but no way was LO going to pass up tasting mom’s cool drink with a straw, so I opted for the agave).

Note: The flavor will vary slightly depending on what orange juice you use. The first time we used Simply Orange, and it had a much more dominant orange flavor than the Aldi brand we used the second time.

Blend until the cubes are incorporated. You want it pretty thick (at least that’s how I like it), so add more OJ cubes or milk as needed.

Serve and enjoy! (Or if you are using this smoothie maker, you can just drink it from the travel bottle you just made it in… Yeah, it’s that awesome! πŸ˜„)

It only takes about 3 minutes to make, and it’s the perfect treat for a hot summer day. I’m thinking it would be really good with a few strawberries thrown in too! Or lemon balm! Mmm… Let me know what variations you try!

Yes, I know that’s a lemon… It was the only citrus fruit I had when I took the picture πŸ˜‹

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