Hi there, Crunchy Mamas! Yes, I’ve been called that too, and you know what, I’ve decided to embrace it! If being “crunchy” means I am doing what I think is best to care for my family in the most natural and cost-effective way I know how, then I’m proud to be called crunchy.

My name is Amanda Carruthers. I’m proud to be the wife of a wonderful, Godly man and mother of the cutest baby boy on earth (not that I’m bias or anything). I spend my days trying to care for them and steward my home in the healthiest manner possible. No, I’m not completely “all-natural” (some of us just can’t afford that), but I do my best to cut out the “bad stuff” when I can and replace it with things that are better for us and fit in our budget. Please join me as I share this life with you…from diy projects to favorite recipes to cloth diapering to breastfeeding.

My goal is to be transparent with you so you can relate with my humanity and realize that we are all, as Jo March said in Little Women, “hopelessly flawed.” And that’s okay! By God’s grace, we are making it: doing our best to care for our families, bring Him glory, and find His joy in the little things that make life worth living.


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